Cost Comparison of VFSS vs FEES

VFSS or videofluoroscopic swallow study requires the use of radiological equipment and barium in addition to the time and services of a radiologist, radiology tech, and SLP to perform the exam.  These exams typically cost between $1200-$1600 per study and may be difficult to schedule due to time constraints in the radiology suite if performed at a hospital or space constraints if utilizing a mobile company. 

FEES is a truly mobile system with no special space requirements, no radioactive contrast, scheduled within 3-5 days from referral, and requires only the services of a SLP to perform the exam – all for a few hundred dollars. 

CMS regulations require speech therapy services be billed directly to the facility. Under Medicare Part B, private insurances and HMOs, you may recover monies for the speech therapy code(s) indicated on your invoice utilizing the UB-04 or similar form.

92612 – FEES exam

92526 – Dysphagia therapy