Patient Benefits and Comfort

Mobile FEES benefits everyone in the facility – no transportation stress to the patient, no loss of staff to accompany the patient, no loss of other therapy or nursing treatment time, and the facility SLP is able to participate in the assessment. 

From scheduling exam time, length of exam, position during exam, use of speaking valve/no valve, to patient specific foods, FEES offers the flexibility to meet the needs of the patient while providing the objective data a SLP needs – all in the comfort of the patient’s own environment. 

SuperiorView Swallowing Diagnostics reviews the procedure and addresses any patient concerns prior to the exam and utilizes surgical lubrication when placing the scope to ensure patient comfort.  Post exam, patients typically describe the exam as a “weird” or “odd” feeling rather than one of pain. 

Exam results are immediately available to the SLP, facility staff, and physician meaning changes in the plan of care happen with no significant delay in care.  Consistent assessment of dysphagia has been shown to reduce incidence of pneumonia and hospital readmissions.  In addition, FEES provides objective data justifying initiating and/or continuing a skilled dysphagia treatment plan.