SuperiorView comes to you – no arranging transportation or patient associated fatigue with travel. Studies completed in 1-5 days from referral.

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High Definition

High definition imaging equipment provides sharp videos/photos for accurate assessment.

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Freedom to test patient specific foods, positions, and strategies without a time limit.

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FEES at your fingertips

SuperiorView Swallowing Diagnostics provides mobile FEES throughout the Northeast Ohio region to patients in acute, subacute, skilled nursing, and outpatient clinic settings.

Offering easy, quick access to “gold standard” instrumentation to drive effective and efficient dysphagia treatment plans.

High definition equipment, advanced specialty skilled SLPs, and a passion for dysphagia for the past decade are a few of the reasons SuperiorView has achieved recognition and success for quality care in dysphagia management and positive patient outcomes.

Contact us today and see why so many SLPs rely on SuperiorView for their FEES instrumental needs!

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