Flexible to meet your needs

Have a patient who’s unable to transfer to a chair, bedridden/contractures, on a ventilator, medically fragile, or needs additional exam time due to dysphagia severity or compensatory strategies? No problem! We meet the needs of the patient for the optimal exam.

Objective-drive reports and recommendations

Skilled video interpretation by specially trained SLPs and same day reports means data driven treatment plans for maximizing patient outcomes. Consultations with treating SLP post exam including recommendations and referrals.

Accuracy you can trust

Capable of detecting even trace aspiration with better sensitivity and specificity than VFSS. Confidence in knowing what is and what isn’t happening when your patients eats.

Education Hand Write Skills Can

Advance your knowledge

Providing education and consultations to healthcare providers on various topics including Dysphagia, FEES, Aspiration Pneumonia, Oral Care, and IDDSI. Call today to schedule!

Schedule today!

Contact us today for additional information, consultations/education, request a FEES demonstration, or to schedule a FEES.