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What are the Benefits of using SuperiorView?

  • Portable– No transportation cost! The exam can be completed at the patient’s bedside- they can be tested in a bed or chair.
  • Accurate– Multiple studies show that FEES is as accurate as a Modified Barium Swallow Study for detecting aspiration and determining oral diet safety.
  • Cost Saving– The portable FEES exam is less expensive than the Modified Barium Swallow (MBS) study.
  • Safe and well tolerated– The FEES exam is safe and does not expose the patient to any radiation or anesthetic.
  • Supportive Documentation– Professional, comprehensive reports provide detailed information regarding physiology, anatomy, and swallow function. Still photos and/ or video will be available for the facility speech pathologist and/ or physician.
  • Wide array of test materials– no barium flavor! We are able to test a variety of foods and liquids including patient-specific items such as pills and carbonated beverages without alteration of texture or taste.
  • Visual Feedback– Video during the exam may be helpful for patients as biofeedback for improving vocal fold closure and pharyngeal squeeze.